Environmental Stewardship

Bear Creek Mining is committed to the highest environmental standards as part of its Sustainable Development Strategy. The process begins by exploring prospects with the smallest footprint possible using advanced exploration technologies and methods such as satellite imagery and deep-penetrating airborne geophysical surveys.

Once a project with economic potential has been identified, detailed studies are conducted to assess and document the state of the environment encompassing the project in great detail beginning at the earliest stages of exploration and continuing through the advanced exploration and development stages. These environmental baseline studies are the foundation of planning for any proposed mine. The data is also used to support the permitting process and environmental assessment reports, which examine potential environmental risks and how they can be prevented or otherwise minimized, mitigated or remediated.

Bear Creek Mining's advanced projects are based on designs that take into account the highest environmental safeguards and standards and industry best practices. They reflect extensive public consultation and are compliant with all legal requirements and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Procedures in Peru.