Community Initiatives

Bear Creek Mining supports many initiatives and programs that benefit communities near its advanced projects in Peru, as part of an ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. For more than a decade, the Company has consulted with citizens of neighboring communities to understand their social and economic priorities while also sharing information about its projects and plans. This respectful dialogue has led to the building of inclusive partnerships focused on the priority areas of Education, Agriculture, Health and Nutrition, and Water Improvement.

To the greatest extent possible, Bear Creek Mining invests in community programs that directly involve citizens in their conception, delivery and management. This 'good neighbor' policy ensures that the Company's role is supportive and encourages citizen engagement in building stronger and more sustainable communities.

Bear Creek Mining's advanced projects are located in remote high-altitude districts of Peru, which poses additional challenges for the small and scattered communities of these fragile regions. Notwithstanding, progress is being made in each of the four priority areas, as shown in the following examples of Community Initiatives.