Assay Procedure/Quality Control

Bear Creek has implemented a quality control program to ensure regulatory "best practices" in lithogeochemical sampling and analysis of drill and surface samples. All samples are shipped in security sealed bags to ALS Chemex Labs in Lima, Peru. ALS Chemex is an ISO 9001:2000-registered laboratory and is preparing for ISO 17025 certification.

Drill core and surface rock samples are dried and crushed to -10 mesh size (70 percent smaller than 2mm) then a 250 gram split is pulverized to - 200 mesh (85% smaller than 75 microns). Soil and stream sediment samples are dried and sieved to - 80 mesh. All procedures are completed at ALS Chemex's Lima laboratory.

All samples are routinely assayed by conventional fire-assay methods for gold at the Lima lab and for 34 elements through digestion in an aqua regia acid solution followed by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectroscopy ("ICP-AES") analysis.

Bear Creek has separately purchased its own standards, which are inserted "blind" to the lab in the sample sequence. Bear Creek knows the values that should be returned for these standard samples, but the lab does not, and the standards act as an outside test of the lab's accuracy of analysis. Field duplicates are also used in the QC program as precision checks at ALS Chemex located in Lima, Peru and Vancouver, BC.