Andres Franco

Vice President of Corporate Development

Mr. Franco joined Bear Creek in 2011 as Manager of Corporate Affairs where he created and executed, in concert with Dr. Diaz, the social investment model at Corani which is becoming recognized as the model for how mining companies in Peru can successfully engage local communities and obtain transparent social license. Mr. Franco will be crucial in obtaining social license at Santa Ana, assuming that the Company recovers its rights to operate. Mr. Franco has 20 years' experience in the extractive resources sector where he has a long standing track record of creating innovative solutions resolving local population concerns.

Alvaro Diaz

Vice President of Legal and General Counsel

Dr. Diaz has over 20 years' experience in the mining sector, principally with Southern Peru Copper and Freeport, until he joined Bear Creek in 2010 as Manager of Legal Affairs. Dr. Diaz is a highly respected mining lawyer in Peru and his accomplishments since joining Bear Creek have reinforced this view within our industry.